Is John Wick on Netflix? Here’s Why It’s Missing and What You Can Do

The popular action-packed series, John Wick, starring Keanu Reeves has cultivated an enormous fan base over the many years. The fans of the show have frequently asked whether they could watch John Wick movies on Netflix.

 We’ll look into the lack of John Wick on Netflix and provide the explanations that led to its lack of availability according to Reddit users. If you’re an avid John Wick fan eagerly searching for it on Netflix check out this article to learn why you may be in a bind.

Is John Wick on Netflix?

“I wish Netflix watch this and know that many people still watch the Chapter 1 John Wick. For those who don’t know John wick the most amazing movie, Act by Keanu Reeves. Its awesome i love it so much. And I can’t sleep without watching it every night. I always watch john wick 1 and recently like 4 days ago I watched it. Today i wanted to watch it again i kept searching for John wick and it seems it was removed by Netflix So i had to call Netflix to ask them why. They said the contract has ended. Seriously its one of the best movies for me of all times. Its the reason why I subscribed with Netflix. I wish they will bring back soon. I can’t believe they removed John Wick,” commented by VampHelsing.

VampHelsing’s sentimental comment echoes the sentiments of a lot of fans who were shocked to learn the news that John Wick had vanished from Netflix. The experience raises questions as to why a film that is so beloved was removed, as well as when at all it will come back.

Why is John Wick Missing From Netflix?

To figure out the reason John Wick isn’t available on Netflix It is necessary to look at the complexities of streaming agreements and license agreements.

The inability of John Wick from Netflix is predominantly due to contractual reasons. The Reddit post suggests that the agreement between the company responsible for John Wick and Netflix has been terminated, which led to the removal of the film from the platform.

It’s important to know that streaming services such as Netflix pay studios to store their content. The contracts typically have a time limit and once they expire, content can disappear from the service. This is the norm in the streaming industry since studios can choose to look at alternative streaming platforms and distribution methods after their contracts are over.

With regard to John Wick, it appears that the studio that is behind the franchise has chosen not to renew the agreement with Netflix in certain areas like those in the United States of America. This decision is within the discretion of the studio, which gives the studio control over the locations the areas where their content is made accessible to stream.

Looking for John Wick on Netflix

is john wick on netflix

“Here’s evidence of this through Netflix’s search function. You’ll need to try something different in place of Netflix to stream these videos.”

The second post from Quora highlights the absence of John Wick on Netflix by suggesting that people can confirm the absence of John Wick on Netflix using its search feature. This demonstrates the fact that John Wick is not just unavailable because of a glitch that has been temporary but actually isn’t available for streaming on Netflix.

What Can You Do to Watch John Wick?

If you’re looking forward to watching John Wick and it’s not available on Netflix in your area There are other options that you could explore:

  1. Other streaming platforms You can check whether John Wick is available on other streaming platforms, like Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and HBO Max, as licensing agreements may differ between different services and locations.
  2. Rent or Buy Think about renting or purchasing the film through digital stores such as Google Play, iTunes, or Vudu. In this way, you will get access to John Wick whenever you want.
  3. Physical Copies If you’re a fan of collecting or would prefer tangible copies, purchase the Blu-ray or DVD of John Wick.
  4. Keep an eye out The streaming libraries are updated in time, and it’s possible John Wick might return to Netflix or be accessible on different platforms in the future. Keep an eye on the news for any updates.


The lack of John Wick on Netflix, as reported by Reddit users it is because of the termination date of the contractual arrangement between John Wick and Netflix. While this may be a bit disappointing for those who have come to love the action-packed film There are other ways to experience the thrilling stories in John Wick.

 If you decide to look into other streaming services or go with online rentals, it is possible that you will immerse yourself in the exciting realm that is John Wick. Therefore, until it returns to Netflix and other streaming platforms, there are plenty of options to enjoy the Keanu Reeves binge.

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