What’s New on Netflix This Week: Fall of the House of Usher, Big Vape, and More!

It’s that exciting time again when we delve into the latest additions on Netflix for the week. This time around, there’s a thrilling lineup, with the headlining title being Mike Flanagan’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.”

This gothic horror miniseries promises a fresh take on Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale, where the CEO of a corrupt pharmaceutical company faces dark secrets from his past, and a mysterious figure seeks revenge while the Usher family’s children meet mysterious fates.

But that’s not all; we have more intriguing additions for you to explore this week. “Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul” offers a deep dive into the controversial world of vaping, shedding light on the meteoric rise and dramatic fall of Juul, the once-celebrated vaping company that faced public health scrutiny.

Additionally, there’s “Good Night World,” a captivating anime series that follows four players in a video game called “Planet” as they uncover life-changing secrets about the reality they’ve been immersed in. “Camp Courage” is a poignant documentary that chronicles the harrowing journey of Ukrainian refugees, Milana, and her grandmother, as they seek shelter in a summer camp in the Alps, redefining the meaning of courage.

For those seeking a lighter watch, “Stranded with My Mother-in-Law” invites couples to a paradise-like locale where they must navigate challenges with their mothers-in-law, all for a chance to win a cash prize. It’s a test of family bonds, patience, and perhaps a bit of humor.

So, let’s dive into our day-by-day rundown of what’s new on Netflix this week, featuring our top picks.

Top Picks for the Week

Stranded With My Mother-in-Law: “Stranded With My Mother-in-Law,” hosted by Fernanda Souza, takes couples to literal paradise to complete a series of challenges for a sizable cash prize. There’s just one twist—they must do everything with their mother-in-law! This entertaining series explores the dynamics between couples and their in-laws, showcasing the humor, conflicts, and bonding that come with it. Will they endure the experience and come out with stronger family ties? Tune in starting October 9 to find out.

Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul: Delve into the controversial world of vaping with “Big Vape: The Rise and Fall of Juul.” This docuseries, directed by R.J. Cutler and based on Jamie Ducharme’s book, unravels the story of Juul, the fastest-growing company in history. Watch as it goes from innovative success to public health controversy, highlighting the twists and turns of its journey. Premiering on October 11, this series offers a compelling look at the rise and fall of a vaping giant.

The Fall of the House of Usher: Step into the eerie world of “The Fall of the House of Usher,” a spine-chilling four-episode series created by Mike Flanagan, known for “The Haunting of Hill House.” This contemporary adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s classic tale follows the crumbling Fortunato Pharmaceuticals dynasty and the revenge-seeking ghostly figure from their past. As the Usher legacy unravels and the body count rises, this miniseries reminds us that everything has its price. Don’t miss Mike Flanagan’s final project with Netflix.

This week’s Netflix lineup promises a mix of thrills, drama, and thought-provoking content. So, grab your popcorn and prepare to be entertained!

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