What’s Coming to Netflix This Week: September 18 – 24, 2023

Here’s your weekly sneak peek at the latest Netflix additions. This week we will highlight three of the most exciting releases that are coming to Netflix. We’ll then provide a complete list of everything coming to Netflix.

The Most Anticipated Releases of This Week

1. New Amsterdam Season 5 is coming to Netflix this Wednesday

What’s Coming to Netflix This Week

Mark your calendars on Wednesday, when Netflix releases the final and fifth season of “New Amsterdam”. The series follows doctors and staff as they navigate through the complicated world of healthcare. This final season, which has already been on the platform for four seasons, promises more compelling medical stories and character development.

2. Spy Kids Armageddon 2023 – Netflix Original Coming on Friday

Prepare yourself for an exciting family adventure in “Spy Kids Armageddon.” Netflix Original brings back a beloved franchise. The movie follows the children of world-class secret agents who step up to protect their parents, and the entire world, from a powerful video game developer. This film will thrill Spy Kids fans at all ages with its fresh cast and exciting new mission.

3. The Machine (2023) is coming to Netflix this Saturday

The Machine, a Sony Pictures feature film based on a comedy sketch by comedian Bert Kreischer will be streaming on Netflix for the first time this weekend. Mark Hamill and Bert Kreischer star in this captivating tale about a possible kidnapping that may have taken place in Russia, as well as the journey of atonement for past crimes. The Machine is a blend of humor and suspense that offers an entertaining experience.

Netflix Releases New Movies Every Week

  • 18th September
    • My Little Pony Make Your Mark Chapter 5 – Netflix Original
  • 19th September
    • Kountry Wayne: A Woman’s Prayer (2019) – Netflix Original
    • Netflix Stories: Love is Blind Game for Android and iOS – Netflix Original
    • The Saint Of Second Chances (2023), a Netflix Original
  • September 20,
    • Hard Broken Season 1 – Netflix Original
    • Murdaugh Murders (Season 2)
    • New Amsterdam Season 5
  • September 21,
    • Baby Gorilla Cam Episode 3 – Netflix Original LIVE
    • Kengan Ashura (Season 2) – Netflix Original
    • Scissors Seven (Season 4 – Netflix Original
    • Sex education (Season 4 – Netflix Original
  • September 22,
    • How to Deal with a Heartbreak (2019) – Netflix Original
    • Itxaso And The Sea (Season 1
    • Love Is Blind (Season 5 – Netflix Original
    • Song of the Bandits Season 1 – Netflix Original
    • Spy Kids Armageddon 2023 – Netflix Original
    • The Black Book (2023), a Netflix Original
  • 23rd September
    • The Machine (2023), HTML0
  • September 24,
    • A Nation of Kimchi – Season 1 New Episodes

Do not miss the exciting new additions to Netflix. There’s something to suit everyone’s tastes, whether you enjoy medical dramas, family adventure films, or exciting comedies. Keep an eye out for updates about what Netflix has in store!

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