Top Boy Ending: Unraveling the Shocking Conclusion

The gripping saga of Dushane, Sully, and the gritty world of Summerhouse has finally drawn to a close with the release of the final season of “Top Boy” on Netflix. The series left no stone unturned, delivering an intense six-episode season filled with betrayal, violence, and shocking character deaths. While it’s a bittersweet farewell to a fan-favorite show, the ending certainly did not disappoint.

In this article, we’ll dive deep into the shocking conclusion of “Top Boy” and explore the fates of its beloved characters.

Betrayal, Guns, and Murder: Setting the Stage

Before we delve into the ending, let’s set the stage. The final season of “Top Boy” continues to explore the lives of its complex characters, including Stefan, who grapples with the desire for revenge against Sully for killing Jamie.

We also witness Jaq’s inner struggle with guilt as she deals drugs in the midst of personal turmoil. It’s a season that tackles the consequences of the characters’ decisions head-on, leaving no room for easy solutions.

Who Killed Sully?

One of the most burning questions throughout the season was who would ultimately take down Sully. Stefan, torn by the idea of killing him, ultimately decides not to pull the trigger, telling Sully, “You’re not worth it.”

However, Sully’s fate takes a shocking turn. While he prepares to go into hiding in his car, an unknown assailant shoots him in the head and calmly walks away.

All signs point to Jaq as the shooter, given her deep grudge against Sully, who killed Kieron and refused to let her leave the drug business. However, the true identity of the shooter remains a mystery, leaving room for speculation.

Dushane’s Descent into Chaos

Dushane faces a series of troubles this season, from dealing with the stolen “food” (drugs) to attempting to buy a chain of salons with his girlfriend, Shelley. When his off-the-books accountant, Lithe, fails to secure the money he needs, Dushane resorts to threats.

But when Lithe disappears, and no one can find her or Lizzie, Dushane’s life spirals further out of control. Shelley breaks up with him, citing his erratic behavior and obsession with money and power. As the police close in, Dushane goes on the run, seeking refuge in his mother’s abandoned home on the Summerhouse Estate.

His journey takes a violent turn when he faces off with Sully in a shootout, resulting in Sully shooting Dushane in the side. As Dushane bleeds out, Sully delivers a powerful monologue before walking away with the drugs.

Kieron’s Tragic Tale

The final season of “Top Boy” opens with the deportation of gang member Kieron Palmer, who is the sole provider for his cancer-stricken mother. Despite Kieron’s legal status, immigration enforcement attempts to forcibly remove him from the country.

Community activist Mandy rallies the Summerhouse residents to peacefully protest Kieron’s deportation, successfully preventing it. However, Kieron’s involvement in hiding Jaq from Sully ultimately leads to his tragic demise.

Lauryn’s Struggles

Lauryn, who violently killed her abusive ex Curtis in the previous season, faces her own set of challenges. She gives birth to a baby boy but struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder and postpartum depression, questioning her son’s beauty and resemblance to Curtis.

Her coping mechanism involves turning to drugs, a path that leads to her untimely death from an overdose. Jaq, her sister, grapples with guilt as she recognizes the destructive impact of the drugs she sells on people’s lives.

Jaq’s Redemption

Haunted by guilt and witnessing a drug-addicted mother abandon her baby, Jaq steals the drugs from Sully’s safe house to prevent further addiction. Her actions lead to a deadly betrayal, with Sully killing Kieron, whom Jaq loves like a brother, in retaliation. Jaq’s character arc takes a profound turn as she questions her involvement in the drug trade and ultimately decides to leave it behind.

The Intriguing Antagonists

Irish gangsters Jonny and Tadhg enter the scene, attempting to force Sully to sell their drugs. Sully’s resourceful nature leads to a plan to eliminate them during Jonny’s grandfather’s birthday party at a care home. In a tense showdown, Sully kills Jonny and Tadhg, but the drugs they sought go missing once again.

Who Will Rise as the New Top Boy?

With both Sully and Dushane gone, the series underscores the cyclical nature of crime and the ever-present threat of new contenders. Jamie’s old crew and the A-Roadz gang are among the potential leaders, but the vacuum left by Sully and Dushane remains to be filled.

The final season’s message is clear: supremacy in this world comes at a steep price, leading to jail, death, or the emptiness of sacrifices made along the way.


“Top Boy” takes its final bow with a powerful and thought-provoking season, leaving viewers with an unforgettable ending. The show’s exploration of crime, its consequences, and the dynamics of power is a testament to its storytelling prowess.

While we bid farewell to Summerhouse, the impact of “Top Boy” will continue to linger, reminding us that choices made in the pursuit of power and dominance often lead to unexpected and devastating consequences.

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