The Weekend Watchlist: Top Movies and Shows to Stream on Netflix, Prime Video, and More

As October unfolds, the world of streaming entertainment continues to offer a wide range of options, with some of the biggest names in the industry releasing new content. This weekend, however, takes a more understated approach, allowing us to delve into some hidden gems. Here’s a selection of the best movies and TV shows to stream on popular platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, and more.

Bodies (Netflix)

Netflix is on a roll with exciting launches this month, and “Bodies” is poised to add to the success. Based on Si Spencer’s graphic novel, this thrilling series, directed by Paul Tomalin, boasts a captivating tagline: “Four detectives. Four timelines.

One body.” The plot follows four London detectives, each from a different era, as they investigate a homicide with the same victim. Starring Stephen Graham and Kyle Soller, critics praise “Bodies” for being a suspenseful cop drama that leaves you wanting more. Get ready for a binge-worthy experience.

The Burning Girls (Paramount Plus)

If you’ve been missing a good show about a remote community with a dark secret, “The Burning Girls” on Paramount Plus is here to fill the void. This six-episode adaptation of C.J. Tudor’s novel features Samantha Morton as a well-meaning vicar who moves to a new village for a fresh start, only to discover that her neighbors hide unsettling truths.

Ruby Stokes, Jack Roth, and Conrad Khan also star. With a perfect balance of pre-Halloween chills, this series delivers everything you’d want from a spooky watch. Dive into the mysteries of this eerie village.

Bosch: Legacy Season 2 (Amazon Freevee)

Dads, take note! “Bosch: Legacy Season 2” is now streaming for free on Amazon Freevee. This spin-off to the beloved “Bosch” series continues Harry Bosch’s journey, portrayed by Titus Welliver, as he searches for his missing daughter, Maddie. This time, Bosch and his partner Chandler find themselves pursued by the FBI. The first four episodes are already available for streaming, with the remaining six episodes arriving in pairs every Friday through November 10. Prepare for another thrilling season of this crime series.

If You Were the Last (Peacock)

After wowing audiences at SXSW in March, the sci-fi rom-com “If You Were the Last” lands on Peacock this weekend. Directed by Kristian Mercado, this film stars Anthony Mackie and Zoë Chao as two astronauts, Adam and Jane, stranded on a derelict spaceship.

As they grapple with their predicament, they must decide if their friendship should evolve into something more. With its interstellar twist and charming leads, “If You Were the Last” has garnered praise. Could this movie be the one that helps Peacock compete with streaming giants like Netflix? Tune in to find out.

Upload Season 3 (Prime Video)

“Upload,” Prime Video’s off-beat and imaginative comedy series, continues with its third season. This time, Nathan grapples with the reality of returning to the living world after the conclusion of season 2. The show’s lead, portrayed by Titus Welliver, faces new challenges as he navigates his relationship with Nora in the same dimension. If the trailer for “Upload” season 3 is any indication, things won’t be easy for Nathan. Dive into the next chapter of this intriguing series on Prime Video.

The Pigeon Tunnel (Apple TV Plus)

For documentary enthusiasts, “The Pigeon Tunnel” on Apple TV Plus is a must-watch. Directed by renowned filmmaker Errol Morris, this feature-length documentary delves into the life and career of former British spy David Cornwell, better known as spy novelist John le Carré. Based on le Carré’s best-selling memoir of the same name, this documentary spans six decades and includes the author’s final interview before his passing in 2020. If you’re a fan of John le Carré’s work, this documentary offers essential insights into the man behind the captivating spy stories.

Navajo Police: Class 57 (Max)

“Navajo Police: Class 57” is a unique three-part documentary that shines a spotlight on indigenous American culture. While recent films have focused on the complex relationship between Native Americans and the US government, this production offers a different perspective. It provides unprecedented access to the Navajo Nation’s police academy, following the journey of young cadets as they transform from trainees into full-fledged reservation officers. Although critics haven’t reviewed this documentary yet, its extraordinary subject matter promises a compelling and informative viewing experience.

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