The Imperfects Season 2: Why Netflix’s Latest Supernatural Series Won’t Return

Netflix’s supernatural coming-of-age series, “The Imperfects,” made its debut on September 8th, 2022, only to be met with a twist of fate just two months later. The series, created by Shelley Eriksen and Dennis Heaton, follows three teenagers who undergo an experiment that results in monstrous side effects.

United by their transformations, they set out on a quest to find the scientist responsible and, with any luck, discover a cure. However, despite its intriguing premise, “The Imperfects” has officially been canceled, leaving fans wondering about the possibility of a second season.

The Imperfects: A Brief Overview

The Imperfects Season 2

Created by the same production company responsible for Netflix titles like “The I-Land,” “The Order” (which was also canceled after two seasons), and “Wu Assassins,” “The Imperfects” was initially met with anticipation. However, its fate took an unexpected turn.

Netflix’s Decision: No Season 2

On November 8th, 2022, Netflix officially announced the cancellation of “The Imperfects,” making it clear that the series would not return for a second season. The decision to renew a show like this depends on various factors, with viewer engagement being a key metric. Unfortunately, “The Imperfects” received mixed reviews, which may have contributed to its downfall.

  • Mixed Reviews: Critical reviews were scarce, with no Metacritic or Rotten Tomatoes critic score available. On the audience side, it earned a 79% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a modest 6.1/10 on IMDb, based on 1.5K reviews. This lukewarm reception from both critics and viewers didn’t work in the show’s favor.
  • Marketing Missteps: Many viewers and critics felt that “The Imperfects” suffered from a lackluster marketing campaign. The series had a slow start in terms of promotional material, with a significant trailer and release date announcement just over a week before its debut. This limited exposure may have hindered its success.

Viewership Performance

Netflix closely monitors viewership data, and “The Imperfects” had a rollercoaster journey in terms of popularity:

  • Strong Start: In its debut week on the platform, “The Imperfects” performed well, ranking as the third most-watched English title, trailing behind “Cobra Kai” season 5 and “Devil in Ohio.”
  • Week Two Growth: The series experienced a 45% increase in viewership during its second week.
  • Alarming Drop: However, alarm bells rang during week three when viewership plummeted by 64%, causing it to fall out of the top 10 rankings.

Netflix typically considers canceling a series if it experiences a drop of over 50% in the first month after its debut. “The Imperfects” saw a significant drop within that timeframe.

What Could Have Been in Season 2?

Had “The Imperfects” been renewed for a second season, it would have faced several intriguing challenges:

  • The Search for a Permanent Cure: Throughout the first season, the trio of friends sought a cure for their monstrous transformations. While they eventually found one, it wasn’t as permanent as they had hoped. This would have posed new obstacles for Juan and Abbi, who faced disappointment and uncertainty.
  • Unleashed Chaos: The virus responsible for their transformations had already spread throughout the town, causing chaos and damage. Season 2 could have explored the far-reaching consequences of this outbreak.


Despite its promising premise, “The Imperfects” will not be returning for a second season on Netflix. While it had a strong start in terms of viewership, a sharp decline in engagement likely contributed to its cancellation.

Fans of the series will have to look elsewhere for closure or embrace the open-ended conclusion of Season 1. In the ever-evolving landscape of streaming content, not every show finds a permanent home, and “The Imperfects” joins the ranks of series that didn’t make the cut for renewal.

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