Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill – A Netflix Exclusive Horror Comedy Game Sequel

Horror enthusiasts and gamers, get ready for a spine-chilling and hilariously gory treat! The sequel to the 2016 horror comedy game, “Slayaway Camp,” has arrived, and it’s called “Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill.” What’s even more intriguing is that this game is exclusively available to Netflix subscribers. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this over-the-top, darkly comedic game and explore Netflix’s venture into the world of gaming.

The Slayaway Camp Series

Slayaway Camp, developed by Blue Wizard Digital, is a unique franchise in the horror gaming realm. While it technically falls into the horror genre, the series adopts a cartoonish aesthetic and revels in exaggerated violence. The game’s premise centers around Skullface, a serial killer trapped within a world of campy ’80s horror films. Players can even customize Skullface with various cosmetics paying homage to classic horror tropes.

The original Slayaway Camp was initially released on Steam, later making its way to consoles. It garnered praise for its blend of dark humor and innovative gameplay. Notably, the game even featured a crossover with the iconic Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle.” However, this collaboration was discontinued when the contract expired in January.

Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill

The sequel, “Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill,” has been long-awaited by fans, with seven years passing since the release of the first game. Netflix recently dropped the trailer for this sequel on YouTube, and it’s generating significant buzz. The game is, without a doubt, a Netflix Exclusive, meaning it’s accessible only to those who hold a Netflix subscription.

Notably, players who download “Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill” won’t be subjected to additional fees or intrusive advertisements during their gameplay. This offers a seamless and immersive gaming experience that adds to the value for Netflix subscribers.

Netflix’s Gaming Expansion

Netflix has been venturing into the world of gaming over the past year. The streaming giant, once solely focused on entertainment content, sought to expand its reach and offer more to its subscribers. The introduction of Netflix Games marked the beginning of this expansion.

Initially, Netflix released games based on its own intellectual properties, such as “Stranger Things.” However, the company has since expanded its gaming library to include various indie titles, like “Oxenfree.”

“Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill” being a Netflix Exclusive game signals that the company is exploring gaming in much the same way it has embraced exclusive shows. This move could hint at Netflix’s aspirations to become a major player in the gaming industry, mirroring its success in the streaming arena.


“Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill” is a horror comedy game that promises to bring laughter, gore, and nostalgic ’80s horror vibes to Netflix subscribers. With the game being exclusive to Netflix, it exemplifies the streaming giant’s growing interest in the gaming world.

As Netflix continues to experiment with exclusive gaming content, it may soon become a significant contender in the gaming industry. So, grab your controllers and get ready to dive into the hilarious and macabre world of “Slayaway Camp II: Netflix & Kill.

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