Setbacks for Netflix’s ‘Wednesday’ as Production Hit by Unexpected Challenges

Netflix’s hit series “Wednesday,” a spin-off of the beloved Addams Family, swiftly became one of the streaming giant’s most successful titles following its release in November 2021. A second season was ordered, and production was well underway in Romania. However, unforeseen circumstances have now disrupted the series, with the departure of one of its main cast members.

Challenges Amid Hollywood Strikes

Production of “Wednesday” was proceeding smoothly in Romania when Hollywood strikes halted filming. These strikes, ongoing for five months, have had far-reaching consequences in the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, the impact has now affected “Wednesday.”

Thora Birch’s Departure

One of the major blows came with the news of Thora Birch, an actor who had joined the show in a regular role, having to quit the production due to a personal matter. MGM, the series producer, confirmed her departure, stating that Birch had returned to the United States to attend to a family illness. While she had not completed her scenes, Birch had finished filming the majority of her role. In season two, she was set to play Wednesday’s dorm mother, Tamara Novak.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Character’s Fate

The departure of Thora Birch raises questions about how her character’s storyline will be concluded. It remains uncertain whether Birch’s role will be recast, with her scenes reshot, or if the storyline will take a different direction, potentially involving a new character to fill the void. The production team faces the challenge of preserving the series’ narrative cohesiveness in the wake of this unexpected setback.

Returning Cast and Success of “Wednesday”

Season two of “Wednesday” was set to feature Jenna Ortega, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Luis Guzm├ín, who portray the iconic Addams Family characters. Jenna Ortega, in particular, has been praised for her lead performance in the series. The first season of “Wednesday” was streamed for a total of 341.2 million hours within a week of its release, breaking records and solidifying its success.

Anticipated Release Dates

Despite the setbacks, fans of “Wednesday” can look forward to its second season, which is expected to be released in late 2024. This season promises to continue the unique and intriguing take on the Addams Family’s world.


The unexpected challenges faced by the production of “Wednesday” serve as a reminder of the uncertainties that can disrupt the entertainment industry, especially in the midst of labor disputes. While Thora Birch’s departure has necessitated adjustments, it will be intriguing to see how the series maintains its creative integrity in the face of adversity.

“Wednesday” remains a highly anticipated show, and viewers can hope that its unique blend of darkness and humor will continue to captivate audiences in its forthcoming season.

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