Netflix’s Wednesday is The Potential Heir to Stranger Things

As fans eagerly await the upcoming conclusion of “Stranger Things” with its fifth season, the question on many minds is, “What will be the next big hit to fill its supernatural shoes?” Netflix’s “Wednesday” seems to be the front-runner in this race, poised to take over as the streaming giant’s signature show.

Starring Jenna Ortega as the titular character, “Wednesday” explores the coming-of-age journey of Gomez and Morticia Addams’ psychic teenage daughter as she navigates life at the enigmatic Nevermore Academy alongside other supernaturally gifted youths.

While the first season of “Wednesday” has already established itself as one of Netflix’s biggest hits, there’s one key change that this Addams Family spin-off needs to make if it hopes to reach the same heights of success as “Stranger Things.”

Why “Wednesday” Could Be the Next “Stranger Things”

“Wednesday” possesses several elements that make it a strong contender for the title of Netflix’s next flagship show. These include a talented young cast, an intriguing fantastical premise, and a pervasive aura of mystery surrounding its characters. With “Stranger Things” drawing to a close, there’s a void to fill in the realm of supernatural genre shows with global appeal, and “Wednesday” is well-positioned to step into that role.

The Missing Element: Higher Stakes

However, there’s a critical aspect in which “Wednesday” currently falls short when compared to the runaway success of “Stranger Things.” To take the throne as Netflix’s new signature series, “Wednesday” needs to up the ante and introduce higher-stakes conflicts that ignite conversations and speculation among viewers.

A significant part of “Stranger Things'” popularity stemmed from the show’s introduction of compelling mysteries right from the start, including the enigmatic Upside Down and the shadowy government lab’s involvement with it.

Season 1 left viewers with numerous unanswered questions, setting the stage for long-term storytelling. While the initial mystery of Will’s disappearance was resolved, it paved the way for the exploration of the Upside Down and the ongoing battle against its formidable creatures.

In contrast, the first season of “Wednesday” primarily revolved around a murder mystery with a supernatural twist as Wednesday embarked on a quest to unmask the menacing “Hyde” terrorizing Nevermore Academy. While this murder mystery was engaging, it doesn’t offer the same long-term storytelling potential as the mysteries in “Stranger Things.”

Building a Grander Narrative

For “Wednesday” to ascend to the same level of success as “Stranger Things,” it must introduce overarching storylines that extend beyond individual seasons. While standalone mysteries can be intriguing, they can only sustain a show for a limited time. To keep audiences invested and eager for more, “Wednesday” should embrace the idea of a grander narrative.

In the forthcoming seasons, “Wednesday” should focus on weaving together larger storylines that tie the series together. These overarching narratives can include deeper explorations of the supernatural world, the development of key characters, or uncovering hidden secrets about the Addams family. By doing so, “Wednesday” can capture the same sense of ongoing curiosity and excitement that has propelled “Stranger Things” to unprecedented heights.

In conclusion, while “Wednesday” shows great promise as a worthy successor to “Stranger Things,” it needs to make a strategic shift toward higher-stakes, long-term storytelling to fully capture the hearts and minds of viewers. By introducing captivating and enduring narratives, “Wednesday” can solidify its place as the next supernatural sensation on Netflix.

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