Netflix’s Squid Game: The Trials Immersive Experience Coming to LA

Netflix is once again bringing its hit shows to life with an immersive experience, this time centered around the globally popular series “Squid Game.” “Squid Game: The Trials” is set to open later this year in Los Angeles, offering fans a chance to step into the intense world of the show.

In this real-life Squid Game experience, guests will face a series of increasingly challenging trials, accumulating points as they progress. The goal? To emerge as the ultimate winner, requires nerves of steel, cunning strategy, and perhaps a touch of luck. The experience promises to faithfully recreate the suspense and excitement of the series.

The immersive adventure kicks off with an encounter with the iconic “Front Man” from the show, setting the tone for what’s to come. As participants tackle the trials, they’ll need to strategize, adapt, and compete against each other, just like the characters in the series.

After completing the challenges, guests can head to the “Night Market,” where they can indulge in Korean and international food, as well as beverages curated by Katianna Hong, the chef behind the award-winning Korean-American restaurant Yangban in LA. Additionally, an exclusive store will be on-site, offering Squid Game collectibles and other merchandise for fans to take home as mementos.

Netflix has been actively expanding into location-based entertainment, with immersive experiences based on popular shows like “Bridgerton,” “Stranger Things,” and “Money Heist.” Earlier this year, the streaming giant opened Netflix Bites, a pop-up restaurant in LA that serves dishes inspired by Netflix food personalities.

This new Squid Game experience joins the growing list of attractions and events inspired by the series, including a virtual reality experience by Sandbox VR and an attraction available at Immersive Gamebox venues in the US and UK.

For fans of “Stranger Things,” Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights features a haunted house that recreates scenes from the fourth season of the show, complete with its newest villain, Vecna, and his monstrous Mind Lair.

“Squid Game: The Trials” is set to open on December 6, with tickets available for purchase starting on October 11. Fans of the series can look forward to stepping into the thrilling world of the show and putting their skills to the test in a quest for victory.

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