Netflix’s Cloud Gaming to Offer Platform-Specific Titles for TV and PC

Netflix is gearing up to expand its cloud gaming service, and with that expansion comes a plan to offer platform-specific titles tailored for TV and PC play. Leanne Loombe, Netflix’s Head of External Games, highlighted the company’s ambition to create a unique gaming experience for Netflix on TV.

The cloud gaming efforts are still in the early stages, with a limited beta test featuring two titles, including “Oxenfree.” As Netflix grows its cloud gaming library, the company envisions offering games designed exclusively for television or PC, departing from the touchscreen-focused mobile games released in the past two years.

Loombe emphasized that the type of games offered will vary based on the platform, hinting at potential console-style titles that are better suited for TV or PC gameplay.

Netflix has been investing in gaming, hiring PC game developers, and appointing Joseph Staten, a Bungie veteran, as Creative Director. While the timeline for platform-specific game releases remains unclear, it reflects Netflix’s commitment to diversify its gaming offerings beyond mobile.

The cloud gaming service’s expansion will be accompanied by personalized recommendations using Netflix’s algorithm.

This approach ensures that users are presented with games compatible with their available hardware, enhancing discoverability and user experience. Although specifics about cloud-specific features, akin to Google’s Stadia, are not detailed, Netflix’s focus on personalized recommendations aims to simplify the gaming experience for subscribers.

Despite the push into cloud gaming, Netflix continues its efforts in the mobile gaming space. Recent announcements at the Geeked Week event included titles like the mobile debut of “Hades.” While Netflix hasn’t disclosed specific user numbers for its gaming service, Loombe expressed satisfaction with the progress, noting a positive trajectory in terms of member engagement.

The platform-specific approach aligns with Netflix’s strategy to tailor its gaming content to different devices and user preferences, contributing to the overall growth of its gaming offerings.

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