Netflix Secures Skydance Animation: A New Home for Blockbuster Animated Movies

In a groundbreaking move in the world of animation, Skydance Animation, led by John Lasseter and President Holly Edwards, has found a new distribution home with Netflix, marking the end of a highly lucrative distribution partnership with Apple Studios. This new exclusive collaboration with Netflix promises a bright future for animated film enthusiasts and streaming audiences alike.

A Game-Changing Exclusive Deal

Skydance Animation, known for its visionary storytelling and compelling characters, has entered into a multi-year agreement with Netflix. Under this new deal, all of Skydance Animation’s upcoming animated movies will find their exclusive home on Netflix. This collaboration is set to reshape the animation landscape, bringing a fresh array of content directly to the streaming giant’s audience.

A Stellar Lineup of Animated Films

The first major release under this groundbreaking agreement will be “Spellbound,” a film that was previously slated for Apple. Starring Rachel Zegler and Tituss Burgess, “Spellbound” is now scheduled for release on Netflix in 2024.

Following this, “Pookoo” is expected to grace our screens in 2025. Future projects include “Ray Gunn,” directed by the acclaimed Brad Bird, and an untitled Jack and the Beanstalk project helmed by the talented Rich Moore. One notable point is that theatrical releases do not seem to be a part of this new alliance, suggesting that these films will be exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.

A Harmonious Partnership Continues

Although Skydance Animation’s animation deal with Apple has concluded, the partnership between Apple and Skydance Media is far from over. They will continue their collaboration on live-action films and series, including highly anticipated works like Mark Wahlberg’s “The Family Plan” and Anya Taylor-Joy’s “The Gorge.”

Streamers with a Shared Vision

Netflix and Skydance Media are no strangers to each other, with previous collaborations including the release of “The Adam Project,” “Heart of Stone,” “The Old Guard,” and series like “FUBAR,” “Altered Carbon,” and “Grace and Frankie.”

Notably, Netflix has recently undergone a restructuring of its own animation division, actively seeking output deals to maintain a robust lineup of kids and family content following its success in the awards season, securing the first best-animated feature Oscar for “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio” and a Primetime Emmy for “Arcane,” among other honors.

A Transition in Hollywood’s Landscape

David Ellison’s partnership with Apple had been one of the most lucrative deals in modern Hollywood, making headlines with generous terms that marked a significant shift in the streaming era.

However, the decision to transition “Spellbound” to Netflix demonstrates a strategic shift that aligns with the vision of both Skydance Animation and Netflix. This move underscores the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, with streaming platforms at the forefront of a new era in storytelling.

In this era of streaming and digital content, the exclusive collaboration between Skydance Animation and Netflix offers a thrilling opportunity for animation enthusiasts and film lovers worldwide.

As the animation landscape continues to evolve, this deal has the potential to reshape the industry, delivering quality animated content directly to the screens of audiences around the globe. It’s a momentous step in the ever-changing world of entertainment, one that promises to bring joy and wonder to viewers of all ages.

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