Netflix Is Giving Away Free DVDs Now: A Movie Buff’s Dream Come True

If you’re a movie lover, you might have a soft spot for the days when DVDs were the primary way to enjoy your favorite films. Well, hold on to your popcorn, because Netflix, the streaming giant we all know and love, has a surprise in store for physical media enthusiasts.

In a recent announcement, Netflix shared some exciting news for its DVD subscribers – they are giving away free DVDs! Yes, you read that right. Netflix, which started as a DVD-by-mail rental business in 1998, has decided to cease shipping DVDs by the end of September. But before you panic, there’s a catch that might just make you jump for joy.

The Evolution of Netflix

Netflix’s journey from a small DVD rental service to the global streaming behemoth we know today is nothing short of remarkable. For those who may not be familiar with its humble beginnings, here’s a quick trip down memory lane.

In 1998, Netflix began as a DVD rental service, allowing subscribers to order DVDs by mail. Fast forward to the aughts, and the company revolutionized the way we watch movies by introducing its streaming service. Over the years, streaming took center stage, and physical DVDs gradually faded into the background.

A Surprising Announcement

In April, Netflix dropped a bombshell announcement that took many by surprise. The company revealed its plans to discontinue shipping DVDs by the end of September. For subscribers who cherished the experience of receiving DVDs in their mailboxes, this news was bittersweet.

No Need to Return Discs

But here’s the twist that could make your movie-loving heart skip a beat. Netflix’s DVD service account on social media clarified that subscribers would not be required to return any rental discs after September 29. That’s right – you get to keep your final shipments for as long as you like, free of charge!

The Catch – Existing Subscribers Only

Before you rush to sign up for this incredible offer, there’s a small caveat., Netflix’s DVD service, is no longer accepting new members. So, you have to be an existing subscriber to take advantage of this generous giveaway. But for those who already have a subscription, it’s time to celebrate!

How Many DVDs Can You Get?

Netflix is keeping the DVD love alive by allowing subscribers to request up to eight discs at a time. This means you can curate your own personal movie collection without spending a dime. And if you decide that a particular DVD isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. Netflix will start accepting disc returns from October 27, according to their FAQ.

A Surprise Shipment

But wait, there’s more! Film critic and contributor Raquel Stecher revealed that Netflix is also offering a surprise shipment of 10 random DVDs. All you need to do is provide your information at It’s like getting a movie mystery box delivered to your doorstep!

Hassle-Free Cancellation

As the curtain falls on Netflix’s DVD service, you might wonder about the logistics of canceling your subscription. Fret not; subscriptions will be automatically canceled post-September 29. This means you won’t have to deal with extra fees or go through any tedious cancellation processes.


In a world dominated by streaming services, Netflix is paying homage to its roots by giving away free DVDs to its loyal subscribers. It’s a heartwarming gesture that reminds us of the joy of physical media. So, if you’re one of the lucky existing subscribers, make sure to take full advantage of this offer.

Enjoy your final shipments, request your DVDs, and maybe even get a surprise movie package. As the DVD curtain falls, Netflix ensures it’s a happy ending for all movie buffs who still cherish the magic of DVDs. Happy viewing!

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