Netflix Expands Cloud Gaming Beta to the US

Netflix, the streaming giant that has revolutionized home entertainment, is now set to make its mark in the world of cloud gaming. Following the initial launch of its cloud gaming feature in Canada and the UK, Netflix has now expanded its limited beta testing to the United States.

This move represents Netflix’s growing interest in offering more to its subscribers beyond movies and TV shows. In this blog post, we’ll explore Netflix’s foray into cloud gaming, what it means for subscribers and the potential for exclusive gaming content.

Netflix’s Cloud Gaming Beta: A Limited Test

Netflix’s cloud gaming beta is an exciting new feature that allows subscribers to play games streamed from the cloud on various devices, including TVs and computers. Launched initially in August in Canada and the UK, this feature is now making its way to the US.

It’s worth noting that Netflix describes this as a “limited” beta test, which suggests that not all subscribers will have immediate access, similar to its rollout in other regions.

At present, the beta test includes two games: “Oxenfree” from Netflix’s Night School Studio and “Molehew’s Mining Adventure.” However, it’s highly likely that Netflix will expand its gaming library in the future.

How It Works

To access the cloud gaming feature, subscribers will need to download Netflix’s dedicated controller app, available on both iPhone and Android devices. The controller app allows users to play games on their TV. Netflix specifies that the feature is compatible with select devices, including Amazon Fire TV devices, Chromecast with Google TV, Roku devices and TVs, and more. For those who prefer to play on the web, you can do so using a mouse and keyboard.

Netflix’s Gaming Strategy

Netflix’s venture into cloud gaming is part of its broader strategy to offer more benefits to its subscribers. While the majority of its games are currently available on mobile devices, the company is actively exploring opportunities to expand beyond iOS and Android.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Netflix is planning to release games based on its own popular franchises, including “Squid Game,” “Wednesday,” “Extraction,” and “Black Mirror.” Additionally, Netflix has had discussions with Take-Two Interactive Software about licensing a game from the “Grand Theft Auto” series.


Netflix’s expansion into cloud gaming is a clear indication of its evolving strategy to become a multi-dimensional entertainment platform. As the limited beta test becomes more widely available, subscribers can expect an enhanced gaming experience, with the potential for exclusive content based on their favorite Netflix franchises.

With its vast and diverse audience, Netflix is poised to make a significant impact on the gaming industry, providing yet another reason for subscribers to stay engaged with the platform. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Netflix gaming.

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