Netflix Dives into Israeli TV with Bros: A Tale of Friendship, Soccer, and Unexpected Turns

Netflix continues to grow its content catalog across the globe and is now dipping into the Israeli TV scene by launching a brand-new Hebrew-language show known as “Bros.” Created by Israeli talent Guy Amir and Hanan Savyon who also direct the cast, the series promises to be an enthralling mix of soccer mania, and unexpected twists.

 It is set to premiere on the 9th of November “Bros” is Netflix’s latest addition to its expanding library of content in Hebrew, joining the ranks of popular shows such as “Shtisel.”

The Plot is Revealed

“Bros” revolves around the irresistible childhood buddies Pini and Nisso who are played as portrayed by Hanan Savyon as well as Guy Amir, respectively.

The two share an intense bond, but they also own a local bar in Jerusalem. Their lives take a surprising twist when their establishment faces the possibility of closing, and their favorite football team Beitar Jerusalem, prepares for a historic game. The series examines the way their bond is tested in the face of these difficulties offering warm moments as well as thrilling soccer drama.

A Stellar Cast

Aside from Amir and Savyon, “Bros” features an impressive ensemble cast. Efrat Boimold Yaniv Swissa Shlomi Avraham Yael Sztulman, Omer Hazan, Shir Abramov, and Swell Ariel Or bring their acting talents to the show, increasing the depth of its story and emotional resonance.

Behind the Scenes

Production of “Bros” is a collaborative project directed by the producers Adar Shafran Moshe Edri Roni Abamowsky along with Danna Stern. The show comes to life through the joint initiatives of Firma Productions and United King Films.

Netflix’s Commitment to Israeli TV Content 

Netflix’s entry into the Israeli television landscape is coming at a time of legislation changes that local broadcasters are worried about. The proposed legislation has raised doubts about freedom of expression as well as diminished the need for U.S. streamers to invest in local content.

However, Netflix remains dedicated to providing a wide and varied selection of Israeli shows. The addition of the show “Bros” underscores the streaming company’s dedication to providing worldwide viewers with engaging stories from diverse worldviews and languages.


With “Bros,” Netflix continues its quest to offer viewers exciting and varied content from all over the globe. The show’s exploration of friendship the love for soccer, as well as life’s twists and turns, is bound to appeal to viewers outside of Israel. The show will make its debut on the 9th of November The viewers can expect another exciting addition to Netflix’s expanding list of international sensations.

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