Is Lucifer Season 7 Happening? What We Know So Far

“Lucifer,” the beloved series that first graced our screens in 2016, has been through quite the journey. With a unique blend of crime-solving and supernatural elements, it quickly gained a devoted fan base. The show initially aired on Fox and was then picked up by Netflix, where it continued to captivate audiences for a total of six thrilling seasons. But is the devilish charm of “Lucifer” set to return with a Season 7?

The Series Journey

“Lucifer” had a rollercoaster ride of renewals and farewells. It all began with its debut on Fox in August 2016, followed by renewals for two more seasons in 2017 and 2018. However, the initial Fox run concluded in May 2018.

The show found a new home when Netflix stepped in to revive it in June 2018. Netflix breathed new life into “Lucifer,” granting it three more seasons. The final season, Season 6, premiered on September 10, 2021, and provided a fitting conclusion to many storylines.

Hopes for a Season 7

In a September 2022 interview to celebrate the release of “Lucifer Season 6’s Blu-ray/DVD set,” showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich expressed hope for a potential return of the series.

While Season 6 delivered a definitive ending, Henderson conveyed their fondness for the show and the desire to “find a way to come back, or at least revisit or do something.” It was evident that the experience of working on the series was deeply cherished by the team.

Modrovich playfully suggested “Lucifer The Musical” on Broadway, given the successful musical episode in Season 6. Henderson added another intriguing idea: “Lucifer The Animated Series.”

History of Renewals

The history of “Lucifer” renewals has been anything but straightforward. Season 5 was initially announced as a farewell to the show, but it was later renewed for a sixth and final season. What’s intriguing is that the official announcement for Season 6, made by Netflix in June 2020, emphasized it as the “final, FINAL” season. This leaves room for speculation about the possibility of a surprise renewal.

Tom Ellis’s Involvement

One critical factor in a potential Season 7 is the involvement of lead star Tom Ellis. Contract negotiations between Ellis and Warner Bros. Television faced challenges during the lead-up to Season 6. Although Ellis had a Season 6 deal in place, there were alleged contract disputes. Ultimately, both parties reached an agreement, leading to Ellis’s return for the final season.

The Uncertain Future

As of October 2023, there’s no official confirmation of a Season 7 for “Lucifer.” The show’s concluding season, Season 6, offered emotional moments and a perfect farewell to the titular character. If a Season 7 were to happen, there’s a risk of it potentially diminishing the impact of the previous season.

However, the “Lucifer” universe is rich with untold stories. Season 7 could explore character developments, such as Lucifer’s therapy sessions in Hell, Chloe’s time as a lieutenant, and Linda raising Charlie. These storylines could provide fresh angles for the series.

Moreover, “Lucifer” could live on in other forms, like a musical or an animated series, allowing fans to revisit their beloved characters without disrupting the established ending of the show.

Ultimately, the future of “Lucifer” remains uncertain. While hopes for a Season 7 persist, some fans may feel that the show has bid farewell gracefully twice, first in Season 5 and then in Season 6. The devil may have had his day, but whether he returns for more adventures remains to be seen.

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