Farewell, Favorites: What’s Leaving Netflix in September 2023

As another month rolls in, it’s time to take a look at the titles bidding adieu to Netflix in September 2023. We’ve got the inside scoop on everything that’s about to disappear from your streaming queue, from classic movies to beloved series. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to catch these gems one last time before they vanish into the digital abyss.

Why Titles Leave Netflix

Before we dive into the list of departing titles, let’s shed some light on why this happens. Netflix operates under a licensing model, which means that some titles are essentially rented for a specific period. When that rental period ends, the titles bid farewell until further notice. Now, let’s explore the list of what’s leaving Netflix this September.

September 15th: Romance Galore

September 15th marks the departure of several romantic films, including “A Love Story,” “Barcelona: A Love Untold,” “Crazy Beautiful You,” “Everything About Her,” and “Seven Sundays.”

If you’re a fan of love stories that tug at the heartstrings, make sure to catch these before they’re gone.

September 21st: Action and Adventure

Get ready for some action-packed departures on September 21st, with “High & Low The Red Rain,” “How High 2,” and “Jiu Jitsu” making their exit. If you love adrenaline-pumping films, make sure to watch these before they disappear.

September 23rd and Beyond

As we head toward the end of September, more titles will be making their exit, including “Falsa Identidad,” “In Darkness,” and “The Vanishing.” Keep an eye on your watchlist to ensure you don’t miss out on these thrilling flicks.


September 2023 is ushering in some goodbyes on Netflix, with a variety of movies and series bidding adieu. Whether you’re into comedy, horror, romance, or action, there’s something for everyone in this departing lineup. So, grab your remote, settle in with your favorite snacks, and enjoy these titles one last time before they vanish from Netflix.

And remember, while titles may leave, there are always new arrivals waiting to capture your attention in the ever-evolving world of streaming entertainment.

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