Dead to Me Season 4: The Final Curtain on Netflix After Season 3

“Dead to Me,” the dark comedy sensation on Netflix, came to a thrilling conclusion with its third and final season, which premiered on November 17th, 2022.

Despite its immense popularity, fans bid farewell to the quirky world of Jen and Judy as their tumultuous journey reached its conclusion. In this article, we’ll uncover the reasons behind the show’s closure and explore what’s next for its talented creator.

A Fond Farewell

“Dead to Me” has been a fixture on Netflix since its debut in May 2019, delivering 30 episodes of intrigue, suspense, and dark humor. Unlike many Netflix series that face cancellation, “Dead to Me” received a unique treatment—it was granted a final season to wrap up all its storylines and provide fans with a satisfying conclusion.

Why Did “Dead to Me” End After Season 3?

Dead to Me Season 4

While Netflix hasn’t explicitly stated why they decided to conclude “Dead to Me” after season 3, it aligns with their typical approach. Most Netflix Originals are designed to run for a limited number of seasons, usually not exceeding three or four.

This strategy is often based on viewership metrics and the belief that continuing beyond a certain point may lead to diminishing returns. In the case of “Dead to Me,” concluding the series with a final season allowed the creators to provide a fitting and meaningful ending to the story.

Creator’s Perspective

Liz Feldman, the creator of “Dead to Me,” had a clear vision for the show’s lifespan. She expressed her realistic expectations regarding the series’ length, acknowledging that platforms like Netflix tend to favor shorter, impactful runs.

Feldman wanted the conclusion to feel significant rather than rushed, ensuring a satisfying ending for fans. Christina Applegate, one of the show’s stars, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that the decision to end the series was the best way to conclude the story of these complex women.

What Lies Ahead?

While “Dead to Me” has reached its final destination, fans can take solace in knowing that its creator, Liz Feldman, has secured a partnership with Netflix for future projects. One of her upcoming endeavors is “No Good Deed,” a 30-minute dark comedy produced by Gloria Sanchez Productions.

The series explores the comedic chaos that ensues when three different families vie for ownership of a 1920s Spanish-style villa. With Liz Feldman’s track record for crafting intriguing narratives, “No Good Deed” promises to deliver more captivating storytelling.


“Dead to Me” Season 3 marked the bittersweet conclusion of a beloved series that left an indelible mark on Netflix viewers. While it’s farewell to Jen and Judy, fans can look forward to Liz Feldman’s future projects on the platform. As one chapter closes, another opens, and with Liz Feldman’s creative talent at the helm, there are undoubtedly more captivating stories in store for Netflix subscribers.

Your Next Dark Comedy Adventure

As you bid adieu to “Dead to Me,” explore the thrilling world of “No Good Deed” and stay tuned for more from Liz Feldman’s imaginative storytelling. The end of one series is just the beginning of exciting new narratives.

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