Netflix’s Hidden Gem: ‘Bodies’ – A Mind-Bending Time-Travel Series You Can’t Miss

If you’re a fan of mind-bending science fiction, Netflix has been a treasure trove of immersive and thought-provoking series in recent years. Hits like “Stranger Things,” “Dark,” “The OA,” and “Sense8” have captured our imagination, making us question the boundaries of reality. But amidst all the fanfare and marketing campaigns, a true gem might have slipped under your radar: “Bodies,” an adaptation of the graphic novel by Si Spencer.

A Fresh Twist on Time-Travel Mysteries

“Bodies” introduces a unique concept where four detectives from different points in time stumble upon a perplexing mystery: the discovery of a naked body with a missing left eye and no trace of bullets. What makes this series stand out is not just its compelling whodunit premise, but the way it ingeniously weaves four distinct mysteries together.

Meet the Detectives

In 2023, we meet Muslim detective Shahara Hasan, brilliantly portrayed by Amaka Okafor, who believes she’s thwarting a potential terrorist plot. Meanwhile, in 1941, Detective Charles Whiteman, portrayed by Jacob Fortune-Lloyd, grapples with the harsh realities of antisemitism as he investigates an unusual death.

The year 1890 introduces us to Detective Alfred Hillinghead, played by Kyle Soller, who gets entangled in a web of journalists and a mysterious society. Finally, in 2053, Detective Iris Maplewood, portrayed by Shira Haas, stumbles upon the same body, but to her astonishment, it’s alive.

A Complicated Yet Brilliant Web of Mysteries

The beauty of “Bodies” lies in its intricate storytelling. A strange boy in 2023 impacts a mysterious man in 1941, and a cryptic message on a wall in 1890 remains unchanged in 2053. While there are four separate investigations, there’s a single grand mystery that connects all the characters, and it’s all tied together with a cryptic phrase whispered to each detective in their respective eras: “Know you are loved.”

A Multifaceted Masterpiece

“Bodies” transcends traditional genres; it’s a period piece, a police procedural, a dystopian tale, a conspiracy thriller, a family drama, and a cult story, all rolled into one. It might seem like a lot for any series to tackle, but “Bodies” effortlessly juggles these elements through its divided plot. As you jump from era to era, the tone effectively resets, allowing the show to encompass diverse elements seamlessly.

The Stealthy Emergence of Time Travel

What truly sets “Bodies” apart is its gradual incorporation of science fiction. The time-travel elements are introduced so subtly that you might not even notice them until the final episodes, where events are altered, and characters embrace their future selves. This slow reveal is a testament to the extraordinary acting skills of the cast, who maintain a consistent level of seriousness throughout.

Why ‘Bodies’ Deserves Your Attention

Perhaps the reason “Bodies” isn’t receiving the same acclaim as its sci-fi predecessors is because labeling it as a time-travel show doesn’t do it justice. This series is an intricate tapestry of storytelling, seamlessly blending the detective and science fiction genres.

Whether you’re a fan of the paradoxes seen in “Dark” or the political commentary of “Stranger Things,” “Bodies” has something for every science fiction enthusiast.

In conclusion, “Bodies” is a hidden gem on Netflix that deserves your attention. Its clever blend of genres, brilliant storytelling, and stellar cast make it a captivating series for anyone who appreciates the intricate complexities of time travel and detective mysteries. So, add it to your watchlist, and prepare to embark on a mind-bending journey through time and space.

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