Alien, UFO, and Bermuda Triangle Explored in New Netflix Documentary

Have you been to the tiny Welsh town located in Broad Haven? If you haven’t, you’re about be drawn into a universe of alien encounters and UFO sightings which has earned it the title of”the “Bermuda Triangle” of extraterrestrial phenomenon.

In this blog, we’ll take you on an exploration of the fascinating stories and bizarre events that occurred within Broad Haven in the late seventies, which are featured in the upcoming Netflix documentaries, “Encounters,” produced by Steven Spielberg’s Production Company.

The Astonishing Mass Sightings

Imagine a quiet community being placed in the spotlight when it is the center of over 500 reported encounters with aliens.

The isolated Welsh town, of Broad Haven, witnessed an increase in UFO sightings and bizarre encounters during just one calendar year, in the year 1977. Residents of the village who witnessed these strange experiences have come forward to share their experiences with the world.

Broad Haven: The ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of UFOs

Broad Haven gained notoriety as the “Bermuda Triangle” of UFO sightings and otherworldly beings. The small town, tucked away within the Welsh countryside, quickly became an international phenomenon when it became the subject of headlines due to its thrilling encounters with eerie craft and alien-like beings.

The UFO Wave of 1977

The latter part of the seventies was an era when it was the Cold War raged, and blockbuster films like “Star Wars” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” took the top spot on the charts. The time was marked by increased awareness of extraterrestrial phenomena and made Broad Haven’s adventures all the more fascinating.

The Schoolchildren’s Astonishing Claims

In 1977, the Broad Haven primary school was the center of the UFO wave. 16 students claimed that they had observed a UFO hovering in the Pembrokeshire sky at lunchtime.

One student claimed the spacecraft was “cigar-shaped with a dome on it and yellowy, orange to red lights on top.” A third child went further than the UFO sighting and said, “I saw a man, but I couldn’t see its face because it was too far away.”

Unwavering Testimonies

Over 45 years later the same students today, who are adults, continue to stand by their assertions. David Davies, one of the witnesses initially dismissed the claim as absurd. But, after he went out to investigate the object, he was awestruck by what he saw.

David said the object was silver, cigar-shaped, and about 45 feet long. He vividly remembers having the urge to flee from the scene and his mother’s strong conviction in his story.

Credible Testimonies and Drawings

The headmaster of the school, Ralph Llewellyn, took the claims of the students seriously and instructed them to sketch and write about their observations. There were no social media platforms or mobile phones available at the time which made it difficult to imagine collaboration.

Amazingly, all the drawings and descriptions had the same characteristics, thereby proving the authenticity of their accounts.

A Year of Strange Encounters

The UFO sighting at the schoolyard was only the beginning. As the spotlight of the media rolled over the village, more residents have come forward with their own accounts about close encounters. The owner of the hotel Rose Granville reported seeing a spacecraft in her backyard and two people emerging from it. The two were said to have “very long arms and legs” with no facial features.

More Unexplained Encounters

Mark Morston, a local resident, said he had witnessed a spacecraft and came face-to-face with an 8-foot man wearing an elegant silver suit and motorbike visor to make a face. The man said he felt scared and escaped the scene. When he returned together with his dad, the pair discovered an enormous footprint in the dirt, far too big for a normal man.

The ‘Broad Haven Triangle’ Phenomenon

There were numerous sightings and incidents that were reported by a large number in the region in the vicinity of Broad Haven became known as the “Broad Haven Triangle.’

Some critics suggested it could have been attributed to planes headed to Brawdy, which is nearby. RAF base in Brawdy. However, the witnesses of the UFOs insisted witnesses saw weren’t normal aircraft.

Impact on Witnesses

Making their story public did not always result in positive outcomes for the victims. Many, such as David Davies, faced backlash as well as physical assaults while in school. Despite their struggles, they persevered in their personal accounts.

Spielberg’s Involvement

The fascinating thoroughly documented UFO as well as alien sightings that took place in Broad Haven captured the attention of the production house that Spielberg runs, Amblin Television. They picked this fascinating Welsh tale for their brand new four-part documentary series “Encounters.’

The series examines a variety of encounters and more than 450 people, making it a fascinating and engaging topic.

The documentary is unfolding and unfolds, it illuminates the mysterious events that took place in the town in Broad Haven in 1977. With a multitude of reliable witnesses and compelling testimony of the “Broad Haven Triangle remains an intriguing and enigmatic part of the story of alien encounters.

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