Slam Dunk: The Top Basketball Movies and Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix isn’t just a hub for binge-watching your favorite TV shows; it’s also a treasure trove for basketball enthusiasts. From inspiring documentaries to heart-pounding movies, the streaming giant offers a lineup of basketball-themed content that will leave fans cheering.

Whether you’re into real-life stories of basketball legends or seeking a dose of sports drama, Netflix has something to offer. In this post, we’ll take you on a slam-dunk journey through the top basketball movies and documentaries available on Netflix.

1. Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game (2017)

Basketball Movies and Documentaries on Netflix

Netflix’s Animated Slam Dunk

While Netflix might not have an extensive collection of basketball anime, it does feature “Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game.” This anime movie brings the slam-dunk action to life as a Japanese team takes on a cocky American basketball squad.

Packed with hilarious training sessions and dramatic moments, this movie is perfect for both anime enthusiasts and basketball lovers. You don’t need prior knowledge of the series to enjoy this thrilling ride.

2. Amateur (2018)

The Dark Side of Amateur Basketball

“Amateur” is one of Netflix’s original basketball movies that explores the journey of Terron Forte, a talented 14-year-old amateur player who joins a prestigious prep school. This film takes a unique spin on the underdog formula by delving into the corruption and greed that can influence the selection of athletes. Michael Rainey Jr.’s earnest performance adds depth to this introspective basketball drama, making it a must-watch.

3. Tony Parker: The Final Shot (2021)

Tony Parker’s Remarkable Journey

“Tony Parker: The Final Shot” is a documentary that celebrates the career of Tony Parker, one of the NBA’s offensive giants. Featuring interviews with Parker himself, as well as teammates and opponents like David Robinson and Kobe Bryant, this documentary provides a retrospective look at Parker’s stellar journey. While it treads familiar ground, it’s a must-see for Parker’s fans.

4. Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1 (2022)

The Impact of a Basketball Brand

“Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1” explores the fascinating story of the American sportswear brand AND1, known for its basketball shoes and streetball culture. Discover how AND1 rose to prominence before facing a catastrophic downfall. This documentary sheds light on the brand’s challenges and issues with associated players, offering a unique perspective on the basketball business.

5. A Kid From Coney Island (2019)

Stephon Marbury’s Untold Story

Not all basketball stories end with glory, and “A Kid From Coney Island” highlights the journey of Stephon Marbury, a forgotten star. Directed by the creators of the Kanye West-centered docu-series “Jeen-Yuhs,” this documentary portrays Marbury’s rise as a New York City point guard followed by a series of career setbacks. It’s a humane and empathetic look at the other side of young stardom in the game.

6. Untold: Malice At The Palace (2021)

The Shocking Brawl in NBA History

“Untold: Malice At The Palace” kicks off Netflix’s Untold series by revisiting a shocking and amusing chapter in NBA history. It delves into the infamous brawl that erupted during a game between the Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons in 2004.

With archival footage and testimonies from those who witnessed the chaos, this documentary provides a captivating look at an over-the-top moment in the NBA.

7. One In A Billion (2016)

Satnam Singh Bhamara’s Historic Journey

“One In A Billion” tells the extraordinary story of Satnam Singh Bhamara, the first Indian-origin basketball player in the NBA. From a remote village in Punjab, India, to the big leagues, this documentary chronicles his inspirational journey. It’s a testament to how dreams can come true against all odds.

8. The Redeem Team (2022)

The Comeback of American Basketball

“The Redeem Team” takes us back to the 2004 Athens Olympics when the American national basketball team faced a surprising setback. After winning bronze, they were determined to redeem themselves at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Featuring interviews with legendary basketball players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James, this documentary captures their remarkable comeback, complete with intense training sessions and thrilling moments.

9. High Flying Bird (2019)

A Unique Perspective on Basketball Drama

“High Flying Bird” is a unique addition to the basketball movie roster, shot entirely on an iPhone 8 by director Steven Soderbergh. Instead of focusing on the court, it delves into the life of a sports agent during a critical 72-hour period.

Despite minimal on-court action, the film creates intense drama around the stresses faced by agents and young players during the draft season. André Holland’s performance as the protagonist is a standout.

10. Hustle (2022)

Adam Sandler’s Heartfelt Basketball Tale

Topping our list is “Hustle,” starring Adam Sandler. This movie combines heart, humor, and basketball in a Rocky-inspired underdog story.

Follow Adam Sandler’s character, a talent scout, as he mentors a promising Spanish basketball player, played by real-life NBA star Juancho Hernangómez. Sandler delivers a career-best performance, and the chemistry between the lead pair adds to the film’s charm.


From anime-inspired action to real-life drama, Netflix offers a diverse selection of basketball movies and documentaries that cater to every fan’s taste.

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just looking for some inspirational stories, these titles will have you cheering for more. So, grab your basketball and start streaming these incredible tales of triumph, heartache, and the love of the game on Netflix today!

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