Netflix Drops to Sixth Place While Max Tops Overall Satisfaction: Survey

The  Whip Media’s 2023 Streaming Happiness Report, Warner Bros. Discovery’s Max has the greatest overall customer happiness rating among U.S. subscription-streaming services.

Last year, Max (formerly HBO Max) came in first place in Whip Media’s analysis. Nevertheless, Max dropped 6 points (out of 100) this year to 88% from 94% in 2022. Hulu from Disney came in as No. 2, while Disney+ was ranked No. 3 overall. The weighted rankings were created by Whip Media, a supplier of entertainment data and analytics, using data from a poll of 2,011 American adults.

According to Whip Media’s study, Netflix, which came in second overall in 2021, fell to fourth position in 2022, and it continued to slip this year, finishing in sixth place in 2023. Netflix came in dead last in terms of perceived value, while ranking #1 for both user experience and recommending programs to customers.

In terms of the proportion of respondents who said they would continue using the service if they could only have one subscription, Netflix continues to lead the pack, although the gap is getting smaller. Compared to 2021, when 41% of people chose Netflix as their only remaining service, 27% chose it in 2023.

Overall, Whip Media’s 2023 survey found that while midtier services (Apple TV+, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon’s Prime Video, and Paramount+) saw an increase in overall satisfaction as a result of improvements in content quality, variety, and product value, satisfaction among top-tier streaming platforms (Netflix, Disney+, and Max) is on the decline.

In terms of overall subscriber satisfaction, Apple TV+ is ranked No. 4 with an increase of 5 points from the previous year to 81%. According to the report, NBCUniversal’s Peacock channel had the biggest improvement in subscriber satisfaction, rising 6 points to 74%, thanks in large part to the high caliber of its original programming. Nevertheless, Peacock and Prime Video are tied for last place in terms of overall satisfaction with scores of 74% each.

Further survey results:

  • In terms of original content quality, original content diversity, and service perception value, Max is the most popular among subscription-streaming services.
  • The services that respondents said they were most likely to maintain are Prime Video and Hulu, tied at 88%.
  • Peacock and Apple TV+ had the highest platform value increases year over year, each increasing by 5 points.
  • The quality and diversity of movies offered by Paramount+ notably appealed to customers, with scores rising 9 points and 6 points, respectively.
  • Overall, every survey category—including satisfaction, quality and variety of original series, quality and variety of library, quality and variety of movies, user experience, program recommendations, platform value, likelihood to keep, and irreplaceability—saw improvements for AppleTV+ and Peacock over the previous year.

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