8 Sports Documentaries Coming to Netflix in 2024

Netflix has undoubtedly established itself as a hub for captivating sports documentaries. With the remarkable success of releases in 2023, the year 2024 is poised to continue this trend, promising an array of engaging sports documentaries for enthusiasts to enjoy.

The realm of sports documentaries has never been more exhilarating, with platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime offering a plethora of outstanding titles. Among these, Netflix shines as a treasure trove of remarkable narratives that provide insight into the world of sports.

A Golden Era of Sports Documentaries

Recent years have borne witness to a stunning array of sports documentaries that have set new standards of excellence.

Notable among these are Netflix’s “Drive to Survive,” HBO Max’s “The Last Dance,” and Amazon’s “All or Nothing.” These documentaries have captivated audiences, showcasing the extraordinary stories behind sports and the individuals who breathe life into them.

Upcoming Sports Documentaries on Netflix

Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, Netflix continues to offer a robust lineup of sports documentaries that promise to enthrall audiences:

  1. “Formula 1: Drive to Survive” (Season 6)

    • Episodes: 60 | Seasons: 6
    • Sport: Racing | Runtime: 51 Minutes
    • Netflix Release Date: 2024
  2. “Break Point” (Season 2)

    8 Sports Documentaries Coming to Netflix in 2024

    • Episodes: 10 | Seasons: 1
    • Sport: Tennis | Runtime: TBA
    • Release Date: TBA 2024
  3. “Full Swing” (Season 2)

    • Episodes: 8 | Seasons: 2
    • Sport: Golf | Runtime: TBA
    • Netflix Release Date: TBA 2024
  4. “Tour de France: Unchained” (Season 2)

    • Episodes: 8*
    • Sport: Cycling | Runtime: 45 Minutes
    • Netflix Release Date: 2024
  5. “Quarterback” (Season 2)

    • Episodes: TBA
    • Sport: American Football | Runtime: TBA
    • Netflix Release Date: 2024
  6. Untitled Six Nations Rugby Docuseries”

    • Episodes: TBA
    • Sport: Rugby | Runtime: TBA
    • Netflix Release Date: 2024
  7. Untitled La Liga Docuseries” (Season 1)

    • Episodes: TBA
    • Sport: Football | Runtime: TBA
    • Netflix Release Date: Late 2024
  8. “Untitled Sprinting Docuseries” (Season 1)

    • Episodes: TBA
    • Sport: Athletics / Track and Field | Runtime: TBA
    • Netflix Release Date: 2024

Diving into the Narratives

Each documentary promises to delve into the heart of its respective sport, bringing to light the dedication, struggles, and triumphs that define the lives of athletes.

Watch Quarterback’s trailer below:

From the intense world of Formula 1 racing to the dramatic tennis courts and the serene greens of golf, these documentaries offer a multifaceted view of the sporting universe.

Beyond the Surface: A Closer Look

Moreover, the documentaries go beyond the arenas, delving into the personal lives of athletes, their families, rivalries, and the drama that unfolds off the field. With production teams such as Box to Box Films at the helm, viewers can anticipate a unique blend of entertainment and insight that breathes new life into these narratives.

Anticipating a Spectacular Journey

As anticipation mounts for these upcoming sports documentaries, fans are in for a treat. From the riveting world of competitive sprinting to the high-stakes realm of football leagues, these documentaries are set to offer a deep dive into the stories that continue to captivate global audiences.

Netflix’s commitment to delivering top-tier sports documentaries ensures that enthusiasts will have a front-row seat to the extraordinary tales that make the world of sports so compelling.

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