Exploring the Future of the 365 Days Franchise: Is 365 Days 4 on the Horizon?

Netflix, renowned for its successful movie franchises, achieved international acclaim with the “365 Days” films, adapted from Blanka Lipinska’s compelling book series.

The franchise’s first movie, released on Netflix in early 2020, became a monumental hit, claiming the title of the most-watched Netflix original movie of that year. The subsequent release of two follow-up films in 2022 continued to captivate audiences, thanks in part to the charismatic leading man who won hearts worldwide.

Following the August 2022 release of the third film, fans have eagerly awaited news of further developments in the franchise.

The question on everyone’s minds is whether a “365 Days 4” movie is in the works. Although Netflix often operates with discretion when developing new projects, as of now, there is no official announcement regarding a fourth film in the “365 Days” series. This leaves us in suspense about the possibility of it being in development or even under consideration by Netflix.

The initial three films were directly inspired by a book trilogy, aligning the plot of each film with its respective source material. The challenge of creating a fourth movie arises from the need to craft a story not directly rooted in the existing books. This complexity could impact the likelihood of a fourth movie materializing, considering that the narrative of the first three films feels substantially complete.

Despite this, hints from those close to the franchise suggest that the journey might not be over. Michele Morrone, who portrays Massimo Torricelli, the franchise’s central character, has dropped cryptic clues about his openness to revisiting the role.

Following the release of “The Next 365 Days” in August, Morrone shared a thought-provoking Instagram post, suggesting that this might not be a final farewell but a “see you again” moment. While Morrone has remained silent on the topic since that intriguing post, fans continue to rally around the possibility of further chapters.

Intriguingly, “365 Days” author Blanka Lipinska has expressed her reluctance to bid adieu to the characters, especially Massimo. After the third film’s release, Lipinska disclosed her intention to revisit the story from Massimo’s perspective. She envisions narrating “the story from the beginning, but this time from the perspective of Massimo.”

While the project’s progress remains undisclosed, this approach has proven successful for authors like Stephenie Meyer, who revisited the Twilight series with “Midnight Sun” from Edward’s point of view.

Considering the desire to explore the narrative through Massimo’s lens, the prospect of Netflix collaborating with Lipinska to create a fourth movie that delves into events from the first film but from Massimo’s vantage point is intriguing. This innovative approach could breathe new life into the beloved franchise, offering a fresh perspective rarely seen in the medium.

As we await news about the potential fourth film, rest assured that we will keep you updated. In the meantime, immerse yourself in the “365 Days” trilogy available on Netflix. The future of the franchise remains a tantalizing mystery, holding the promise of more captivating stories to come.

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