14 Scary Movies on Netflix to Haunt Your Dreams

If you’re a thrill-seeker or a fan of horror, Netflix has a chilling array of movies that will send shivers down your spine. Whether you’re into psychological horror, supernatural terror, or gory bloodbaths, the streaming platform has a spine-tingling selection that caters to your darkest fears.

From psychological mind games to supernatural hauntings and the relentless brutality of gory horror, these films bring unpredictable storylines and heart-pounding jump scares to your screens. In this blog post, we’ll explore 14 of the best and scariest movies currently available on Netflix to satisfy your craving for fear.

1. “Bird Box Barcelona”

A spin-off sequel to the 2018 thriller “Bird Box,” this film continues the saga of mysterious entities that drive people to suicide when they lay eyes on them. In the chaos, a father and daughter team up with survivors to escape Barcelona’s horrors.

2. “Choose Or Die”

In this eerie tale, a college student discovers an ’80s game with a cash prize, only to find out that her choices in the game lead to dire real-life consequences.

3. “Umma”

Starring Sandra Oh, “Umma” explores the haunting story of a Korean immigrant who becomes possessed by her mother’s spirit, causing her to become unnaturally protective of her daughter.

4. “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”

As the ninth film in the franchise, this serves as a direct sequel to the original 1974 film. A group of friends plans to gentrify an abandoned Texas town, but they unknowingly enter Leatherface’s domain.

5. “Ouija: Origin of Evil”

A prequel to the 2014 film “Ouija,” this movie follows a widow who poses as a medium and introduces an Ouija board into her business, only to have her daughters affected by a malevolent spirit.

6. “#Alive”

In a zombie apocalypse, a video game streamer is forced to lock himself inside his apartment to avoid infection. However, supplies are running low, and the choice between starvation indoors and fighting off zombies outside looms.

7. “In the Tall Grass”

Based on Stephen King and Joe Hill’s short story, this film follows siblings who hear a boy’s cry for help in a field of tall grass, leading them to an entity hidden within.

8. “The Ritual”

Five friends decide to embark on a hiking trip in Sweden, only to discover they are not alone in the woods. An evil force begins stalking them, unleashing a chilling terror.

9. “47 Meters Down: Uncaged”

A sequel to the 2017 film, this movie sees a new group of victims targeted by great white sharks as they scuba dive into a submerged Mayan city, making a desperate bid for survival.

10. “No One Gets Out Alive”

Ambar, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, moves to Ohio after her mother’s death. Strange occurrences in her boarding house lead her to believe that her house and its enigmatic owner hold dark secrets.

11. “Eli”

A young boy with a rare illness is taken to a medical facility for treatment, but as he faces supernatural encounters, he begins to question the true nature of the facility and its intentions.

12. “Malevolent”

Florence Pugh stars as a scam artist who pretends to be a medium with her brother. However, they encounter real supernatural entities during a job, leading to a chilling descent into the world of the supernatural.

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13. “The Wretched”

Amidst his parents’ divorce, a teenage boy uncovers a dark secret involving his neighbor’s mother, who is possessed by a malevolent witch. He must fight to save his town from her evil clutches.

14. “Lights Out”

Based on a short film, this story follows a woman who discovers her mother is haunted by a malevolent spirit that can only be seen in the dark. As she tries to protect her family, she confronts her own traumatic past.


These 14 films are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Netflix’s horror offerings. Whether you’re looking for spine-chilling suspense, supernatural horror, or gruesome gore, the platform has something to keep your heart pounding and your lights on at night. So, if you’re ready for a fright, dim the lights, grab your popcorn, and start streaming these terrifying movies that are sure to give you some sleepless nights.

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